Our older daughter Akiko (four years old) can add seven two-digit numbers in her head and obtain the right answer. Our younger daughter (four months old) also answers correctly every time when given a choice between two answers. I have only been showing them the dot cards from one to twenty and have not taught them anything else, yet they can do it.
K.H. (age 4 years and age 4 months)
A.T., Nagoya ( age 2 years and eight months )
The dot method has been a great success. Our child gives correct answers instantaneously even for compound equations. I try to make complex problems, including multiplication of three digit numbers by two digit numbers and polynomial equations, but it makes no difference, as our child answers them all correctly surprising me every time.
Y.I. (age one year and three months)
M.T., Tokyo ( age four years and four months )
My daughter is in fifth grade. She can play many instruments including piano, violin, electonic organ, koto, and drums. She participates in many music competition and has received many prizes. She does not practice half as much as some of the other children because her right brain is so developed. She can play any piece of music that she has just listened to for the first time. She can master a compulsory piece for a competition in two days.
M.K. of Okayama